Education and training

  • 2005 - 2010, MSc. in Forestry Engineering, University of West-Hungary, Sopron, Hungary,
  • 2010 - Present, PhD studies in forest pathology, University of West-Hungary, Roth Gyula Doctoral School of Forestry and Wildlife Management Sciences,
    Research theme: The significance of Phytophthora species in the health condition of forest trees.
  • 27.06 – 01.07. 2011, Training School, Forest Research Institute, Sekocin Stary, Poland. „Detection and Diagnosis of Phytophthora in Forest Ecosystems”
  • 27.10. – 12.11. 2012, COST Short Term Scientific Mission, Phytopathology group, Biodiversity and Conservation Biology Research Unit, WSL, Swiss Federal Research Institute, Birmensdorf, Switzerland
    Research theme: Population genetic analysis of Phytophthoras using microsatellites.

Language skills

  • German (B1 Level)
  • English (B2 Level)